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Health Savings Account (HSA): This is a tax advantage account for individuals or a family, used to offset healthcare expenses. Refer to your tax or financial advisor for details about whether or not you qualify for this account.

1 Other consumer account relationships for this section are based upon the Taxpayer Identification Number of the owner of this account.  Additional account relationships are included when the owner of the account has an owner, owner/signer, or joint owner relationship on related accounts. Relationships exclude “Construction Checking” Accounts.

2 A minor is anyone under age 18 in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

3 A payment of all funds available in the account will be automatically sent to you in October each year your account is open. You may choose to receive these funds by transfer to another Home Bank account or to an external linked account. The payout period is generally on October 15th, in time to cover holiday expenses, but the actual date may vary. You may not make any withdrawals from your account outside of the normal payout period mentioned above.  If you withdraw your funds prior to the payout period, your account will be closed and subject to the account closure fee of $25.00.