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Connect With a Banker

Verius Property Group

College roommates Michael Merideth and Andre Lewis became successful engineers after graduation. However, they wanted something more. Learn how a leap of faith helped build one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the South.


The 13th Gate

Finding a trusted banker could’ve been scary for Dwayne Sanburn of The 13th Gate and 13th Gate Escape, but luckily his business is in good hands with Home Bank and his banker, Debbie Mire.


Growing with Home Bank

Brothers Luke and Jude Doise are fourth generation farmers who have embraced technology to help their farming operations run efficiently. They rely on their Home Bank banker Sonja as a trusted partner through every season.

Business Banking Made Simple

While its incredible bread hasn't changed much over the last 50 years, Langlinais Baking Company continues to rise with the help of Home Bank's business banking technology. 

Langlinais Baking Company

Langlinais Baking Company first began making its delicious French bread 50 years ago in Lafayette, LA. As our first ever commercial banking customer, their family has grown alongside ours.


Dr. Melanie Fowler Orthodontic Studio

Dr. Melanie Fowler shares one of Home Bank’s values - “making people smile.” From the start, she trusted our bankers to help her business grow. Watch and learn how she grew her thriving orthodontics practice.

Gnarly Barley Brewing Co.

Before it became one of the fastest growing microbreweries in the country, Gnarly Barley was located in the garage of owners Zac and Cari Caramonta. In this video, they tell the story of their growth and how Home Bank helped make it happen.

Helping Businesses Bounce Back

As doors to businesses reopen, we reflect on our role as bankers during this time. Our team members came together as one with the goal of helping as many businesses as possible. We thank those that have trusted us.