Earn a high yield — regardless of market fluctuations — with a secure CD. Simply choose your term, lock in the rate, then sit back and relax. You'll be looking at a very healthy return once it matures.

Great CD Rates

14-month CD  Special 2.50% APY*
17-month CD  Special 2.76% APY*
48-month CD  3.00% APY*

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield. $2,500 minimum balance required to open the 14 and 17-month certificate of deposit (CDs) and earn the APY. $500 minimum balance required to open the 48-month certificate of deposit (CDs) and earn the APY. Maximum, per customer, is $1,000,000. Penalty for early withdrawal. APY accurate as of 2/5/19. Specials available for a limited time.

Overview of CD Options
  • Competitive, fixed rates
  • Terms from 3 months to 120 months
  • Convenient automatic renewal
  • Interest can be paid directly to you or reinvested into the CD
  • Interest credited before maturity may be withdrawn without penalty
  • Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal

Special Feature: Our 12-month CD allows for additional deposits at any time during the term.