Welcome to Home Bank!

On December 6, 2017, Home Bank and St. Martin Bank and Trust completed the merger that joined these two historic institutions under the Home Bank name. With a long history of shared values and a commitment to personal service, our two banks have come together to better serve you. Our new partnership will strive to keep banking simple and rooted in relationships; while also providing state-of-the-art technologies for your added convenience.

Over the next few months you may notice new and exciting changes taking place at our offices, including new signage bearing the name of Home Bank, additional product and service offerings, expanded locations and more. For now, continue to visit your favorite St. Martin Bank branches and continue your banking as usual while we prepare for our systems conversion in late March.

Additional details will be added to this page between now and our systems conversion. You will also receive updates in the mail. The first mailing will be a welcome letter which you can preview here.